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Obama v. McCain Part Trois

Here are a few things which could cause a complete reversal of Obama’s lead over McCain. In particular, during the last debate:

5) Obama appears on stage in a clown suit and delivers non sequitur responses in a squeaky voice through a dirty sock puppet while admitting he helped organize the 9-11 attacks;
4) Bush endorses Obama, Obama brags about it;
3) Osama bin Laden is captured, the war in Iraq is brought to honorable closure, the economy “fixes itself”, McCain dumps Palin, and a teary-eyed Barack Obama then spontaneously accepts the offer to be McCain’s VP running mate on live TV;
2) “McCain” unzips his “McCain costume” and reveals he is really Colin Powell…
1) … simultaneously disclosing that “Sarah Palin” never existed and really was Tina Fey all along. As most of us suspected.

0) The very act of my posting this list so glibly. Circumstances have an uncanny way of squelching hubris.

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