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Osiris at the Little Fox Theater

In high school, I played bass in a band called Osiris from the fall of 1984 through graduation in 1986. Back in May of 2006, my old bandmates pulled together a couple short reunion shows that coincided with our 20-year SFHS class reunion at the Little Fox theater in Redwood City, CA. We definitely had a great time preparing and performing. Although a long time coming, I’ve finally put a couple fairly raw clips up on YouTube. Personnel include Isorski on guitar, the unstoppable Kevin Brown on drums, the mysterious Eric Johnson on keyboards, and your’s truly on bass. Missing was Tom Luce (of the band LUCE), who could not attend because he was stuck on the East Coast hunting down his stolen band gear (less than a month after his house in San Francisco burnt down). The first piece is a cover of White Room by Cream (note: the fact that, on White Room, you can actually HEAR the bass after it was recorded on only an ordinary camcorder mic then transposed to YouTube tells you how loud it really was). The second is an original called The Sower, Isorski’s modern lyrical version of a delusional Faustian Wager packaged in the musical motifs of Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, and Rush. Kevin, Isorski, and I all agree The Sower is our favorite riff from the early Osiris days. It still makes for great thought-provoking 80s metal as a tale of unintended consequences — not bad at all for high school, ‘ski! Both now and then, my favorite line is “Is it all just a fix, to make people fear ‘6’, when it really means nothing?” But, honestly, I was basically thrilled to play on a song that liberally used tritone intervals (diabolus in musica) and had the word “Satanic” in the lyrics. And I still am.


The Sower (below)

White Room (below)

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