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Blood is all you need


In the tradition of the Beatles’ famous 1967 Our World BBC broadcast of All You Need Is Love, and the Rutles’ 1978 mockumentary All You Need Is Cash, Beatallica has recently released their gloriously metal-plated parody All You Need Is Blood. In the spirit of the original message, where frolicking hippies could be seen wearing signs and symbols from many cultures demanding “All You Need Is Love,” All You Need Is Blood is naturally available in multiple languages including Estonian, South Korean, and Hebrew, amongst others. Each variation begins with a Hendrix-like noodle of the national anthem of the country most associated with the language. One minute audio snipits of All You Need Is Blood can be found here. Be sure and click on the “track list” toggle to see all tracks. Glorious.

Colleague Dr. Dave Dixon, former Webmaster of Puppets for Beatallica, told me fans around the world sent in detailed transcriptions and audio pronunciation guides based on an open solicitation by the band. I can’t wait for the Esperanto (“vi bezon est sang”) and Klingon (“Hoch SoH ghaH ‘Iw”) variations! Hey, if someone translated parts of the Book of Mormon into Klingon and is working on Klingon translation of the King James Bible, I think a parody of a Beatles song should be straightforward.

One Response to “Blood is all you need”

  1. These guys never cease to amaze me. I am not sure I would ever buy the album. Who wants to hear the same song sung in 13 different languages? I think that would get old after a bit. Can’t wait for them to put a new album out with all different songs.