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Physics devolved into a non sequitur marketing slogan

“Physics elevated to an art form” is Oakley’s recent marketing slogan.

Right. Like physics “needs” to be elevated from its lowly status as an all-encompassing theoretical and experimental framework describing all physical phenomenon to the “art” of sports equipment. And if indeed there was some subjective human aesthetic missing in that lowly omni-descriptional status of physics, is there anyone at Oakley who serious believes it would take the higher artistic form as a pair of sunglasses? Please. Also, can someone explain to me the significance of the guy eating the the jelly donut and what the hell it has to do with the slogan?

If you are an Oakley engineer, don’t email me about the physics of sunglasses and sports gear. Yes, I know there is some fancy engineering and material science that goes into your quality products. But in the name of Hastur the Unspeakable, someone needs to suck the hubris out of Oakley’s marketing department and put it back into academia where it belongs.

I have several friends that work in marketing and PR. With my luck, they personally designed the subversive Oakley jelly donut physics slogan with me in mind knowing my taste for iconoclastology non sequiturism.

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